Background Video Recorder Ultimate

Main Features

* Recording Video while phone is closed.
* Motion detection.
* Night vision.

This is the ONLY APP that let you start recording high definition videos using the Volume buttons while the screen of your phone is closed. Just press the "Big Red Button" to start recording.
* Record videos in the background, while you use your phone.
* Widgets to start recording on one button "Record Now".
* Motion detection in the background.
* Press "Volume" buttons to start/stop or restart recording.
* Record Video in the background while playing music from the same phone!!!
* Use the application "Big Red Button" to start or stop recording.
* Snapshots - Press Camera Icon while recording to capture an high resolution image or use the volume buttons.
* Trimming video utility.
* 4K UHD video (3840×2160) recording.
* lock screen to protect your privacy.
* mute shutter sound.
* Custom icons for launcher so that the app is completely discreet.
* Auto split video files.
* Supports front and back camera.
* Share video directly from Gallery panel.
* Unlimited video duration.
* Set white balance mode/Camera mode/Stabilization mode.

How to Guide

1. How to start recording?

Press "Start" in the "Big Red Button" to start recording
Press the "Stop" in the "Big Red Button" to stop


2. Best Practice

The app is optimized for fast recording
If you want to optimize for relaiability and performance please follow this video guide:


Q : How can I know recording started - if the screen is off?
A : Activate the Vibrate function. The phone will vibrate when you press the Volume Up. Pressing again on the Volume Up will restart recording.

Q : Where are my videos saved?

A : On the App - navigate on the left panel to Gallery

Q : Is Root needed?
A : No. Root is NOT required.

Q: Why does recording stop after ~ 30 minutes?
A: Defined by Android system, 4 Gigabytes limitation. check out howto guides step 9. BVR Ultimate video recording stops after 4GB reached.

Q: The phone still makes shutter sound when starts and finish recording.
A: Check our howto guides step 8. Can I mute the Shutter sound when recording starts?

Q: If my phone stopped recording because the battery was drained, can I recover the video?
A: Video file is corrupt after phone ran out battery. Try splitting the video recording next time to avoid this problem.

Q : Does this app consume allot of battery?
A : my app consumes as little power as can be. while not recording - it is a simple empty service that run in the background.
while recording - it takes less then normal camera because it uses no preview(display is the main power consumption while recording).
Best practice for power consumption :
make sure to run the Setting:Permission wizard to disable battery optimization. you can set it from Settings:Special features:by pass optimization level: 
  • a. none - battery consumption optimized. use it if you do not use the volume button to start/stop recording.
  • b. normal - you care about volume button functionality but not so much.
  • c. aggressive - functionality of the volume button will be optimized. when using this level - if the audio of the recording has a small background noise - Setting:advanced:Set noise reduction: enabled.

[User Guide]
+ Click the "Red Big Button"

Background Video Recorder Ultimate is free, just install and Press the "Big Red Button".

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